Flintshire Midweek Bowling League

Affiliated to: WCGBA & FABA

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Players Dress Code

(October 2019)

When playing in the following competitions, FMBL has adopted the BCGBA dress code, as defined in the BCGBA Official Handbook.

Shorts and Trousers

Correct Dresswear:

a. Shorts – must be TAILORED, BLACK in colour and knee length

b. Trousers – must be TAILORED, BLACK in colour and full length

Additionally, none of the above should have:

Incorrect Dresswear:

a. Track Suits

b. Casual Sportswear

c. Denim / Jeans / Cords

Shirts / Sweatshirts / Wet Weather Gear

a. Collared shirts must be worn for the events described above. Shirts may include the County insignia, players name, club insignia.

b. Where necessary, sweaters which conform to the above and/or wet weather gear may be worn.


WCGBA agreed at their 2019 AGM to adopt the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA) ruling Rule 19.1 (BCGBA 2019 Official Handbook) in regard to ‘acceptable footwear when participating in ANY match played under the Association/ Leagues jurisdiction and not just those competitions stated above’

FMBL has adopted this ruling.

Any player failing to conform to these standards will be prevented from playing or continuing in the match.