Flintshire Midweek Bowling League

Affiliated to: WCGBA & FABA

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Match Rules

(December 2018)


1.1 Each competing team is to be made up of ten (10) players.

1.2 All players must be registered with, and provide their BCGBA / WCGBA membership number before they can be registered in the Flintshire Midweek Bowling League

1.3  Teams are not allowed to play any member who has not registered with BCGBA / WCGBA

1.4 Teams cannot play any member who is registered with any other team in the league

1.5 The penalty for playing an unregistered, banned or suspended player or a player not registered properly under Rule 2, the score of 21-0 shall count in his/her opponent’s favour and a fine of ten pounds (£10) shall be imposed.


2.1 A list of all registered players information must be sent to the Fixtures Secretary by the 31st March. Details required are:

 2.1.1 the players full name

 2.1.2 the players BCGBA / WCGBA registration number

 2.1.3 the name of the team for which registration is required.

2.2 Where a Club has more than one team, a separate registration form must be submitted for each team

2.3 All teams registering players after the commencement of the season and before June 15th must do so in writing to the League Fixtures Secretary (See Rule 1 and Rule 2)

2.4 Players may not (See 2.3) be able to play for at least 48 hours after the Fixture Secretary has received notification. This is at the discretion of the Fixture Secretary who will advise when all checks are complete.

2.6 No new registrations can be accepted after June 15th.


3.1 A player may be transferred to another team provided he or she has not played more than two matches for their original team in the current season

3.2 For the purposes of rule 3.1 if one of the two matches is a Cup Match the player would not be eligible to play in any cup games for his or her new team during that season.

3.3 Once transferred a player will not be allowed to transfer back to his or her original team during the current season and no further transfers will be allowed during this season


4.1 All games shall be twenty-one up and played under BCGBA Rules.

4.2 The winner of each game shall score One point and Two points are awarded for the aggregate win to a total of Twelve points.

4.3 No member of a visiting team shall be allowed to play on an opponent’s green until fifteen minutes before the commencement of play. The penalty for a breach of this rule is that players involved are not eligible to play

4.4 The rule does not apply where Two teams share the same green. Both captains need to agree green allocation time.

4.5 Captains of the respective teams shall have exclusive control of the game.

4.6 Visiting teams shall have first roll of the jack.


5.1 All games in April and August shall start at 6.00 pm or earlier if both teams are in agreement.

5.2 Some games in April and August can start at 6.30 pm if there are floodlights available, but only if both teams are in agreement.

5.3 All games from the beginning of May to the end of July shall start at 6.30 pm.

5.4 All team’s must have at least FOUR players available for play at the start of the game and they must be paired immediately.

5.5 Each subsequent pair shall be drawn in order of play before the completion of the first four games.

5.6 Continuous play must be maintained at all times.

5.7 Neither Captain has any right to alter the playing order of the opposing team except by mutual agreement with the opposing Captain.

5.8 The score of 21-0 shall be forfeited for each player not available.


        6.1 Matches must be played on the specified dates in the League Handbook

        6.2 A team must consist of a minimum of 7 players, each player only eligible to play one game per match.

        6.3 Fixtures may be brought forward if mutually agreed by both captains. The Fixture Secretary must be notified of this change prior to the match being played.

        6.4 There must be no alterations to start times other than defined in Rule 5, Sub Sections 5.1 to 5.3 without the express permission of the Fixture Secretary

        6.5 Postponements are not allowed due to clashes of fixtures with other Leagues.

        6.6 Postponements are not allowed due to player unavailability

        6.7 The only valid reasons for postponement of a game are listed below. The Fixture Secretary must be notified of the reason for postponement on the same day.

    6.7.1 Death of a team member

                   6.7.2 Inclement weather (see 7.4)

                   6.7.3 Exceptional travel disruption

        6.8 In the event of any such postponement the match must be played within 14 days of the original fixture.  

        6.9 If a team should fail to fulfil a fixture for reasons other than those stated in Match Rule 6, Sub Sections 6.7.1 to 6.7.3 the offending team(s) will be fined twenty-five (£25) pounds and have 10 points deducted from their overall season’s points score, unless they are able to show exceptional circumstances for this failure.   

      6.10 The non-offending team shall be awarded an average of their own scores, either home or away (home matches = home average, away matches = away average), up to the date of that fixture. This must cover at least six matches within the current season. If six matches have not been played then the points will be awarded after their sixth match in that current season.

 6.11 Further offences against Match Rule 6, Sub Section 6.8 during the same season shall be dealt with by the Management Committee whose decision will be final.


7.1 If a match is started but has to be abandoned because of reasons stated in Rule 6, Sub Sections 6.7.1   

             to 6.7.3, all completed games shall stand.

7.2   Where games are started but abandoned because of reasons stated in Rule 6, Sub Sections 6.7.1   

         to 6.7.3, the restart position of unfinished games needs to be agreed between the two Captains.   

     7.3   The games that are not started shall start again with a complete redraw

     7.4   The decision as to whether the green is fit to play will be made by the Greenkeeper or in his or her

              absence the Home Team Captain.

     7.5   The only exception to rule 6.7 would be for a postponement to the last two games of the season.

              Postponement of games at this point of the season must be played prior to the season merit.

     7.6   Every other cancellation or postponement, for whatever reason MUST be played within 14 days of the

              original fixture.  

     7.7   Failure to comply with rule 7.5 and 7.6 will result in the match being declared void with no points being

              awarded to the defaulting team(s)



        8.1 The only method of reporting results is via the online results page.

        8.2 All clubs will be issued with a password that must be made available to Team Captains or the person

                designated to input the score.

        8.3 Match results must be entered online within 24 hours of the completion of the match. The home

                team is responsible for entering the results. Both teams are responsible for checking the results.

        8.4 In the event of a dispute over a score or scores, the original scorecard must be sent to the Fixture  

                 Secretary whose decision shall be final.

        8.5 Clubs must retain all result cards for the home fixtures, duly signed by both captains

        8.6 Where a dispute arises and a result card is not provided for verification, the complainant shall have the complaint upheld with no right of appeal being given to the home team


9.1 All protests / complaints concerning any League matter must be put in writing to the League Secretary and accompanied by a fee of ten (£10) pounds before referring to the Management Committee. The fee will be returned if the protest is upheld.

               (See FMBL Disciplinary and Appeals-Definition and Process)

 9.2 The team making the protest must also send a copy of the complaint to the offending team.


10.1 The title of Division Champion will be awarded to the team in each Division scoring the highest number of points.

10.2 In the event of a tie in the number of points, priority of position shall be given to the team scoring the greatest number of match wins, games won and then aggregate (points scored - points against)

10.3 The teams finishing in the top two places in their respective Leagues will be promoted to the next highest division. Accordingly, the two teams finishing with the lowest number of points will be relegated to the next lowest division.

10.4 In the event of the Divisions becoming unbalanced for any reason the management Committee shall have the discretion to balance the Divisions as equally as possible, the higher number of teams to be in the higher Divisions.

10.5 All new teams will start in the lowest division

10.6 Prize winnings (cheques) will be presented to clubs in each division as follows:

         Winner (£150), Runner-up (£95), Third (£75) and Fourth (£40)

10.7 Prize winnings (cheques) will also be presented to the player in each Division securing the highest number of individual wins during a season. In the event of a tie between two or more players then the aggregate scores will count.

10.8 The League will run a Champion of Champions Competition on the Second Sunday in September This is an invitation to merit winners (or nominated player) from each team and the defending champion. The prize money for this competition will be determined by the Management Committee.

     10.9 All Teams / Individuals in receipt of prize money where possible must collect it on the evening of the AGM. However, teams / individuals may nominate a representative to collect the award on their behalf.


11.1 Outstanding fines must be paid twenty-eight (28) days from the date of the offence (included within that 28 days would be the existing 7 day appeal period)

11.2 If the fine is not paid within that period the club would incur a deduction of 10 points.

11.3 If a further 28 days elapsed a Management Committee meeting would be convened to discuss further possible suspension until payment is received.  


     12.1 All players in cup games must be registered league players see Rule 1.

     12.2 In Divisional Cup matches, the games shall be 21 up. In calculating the result of the matches ONE point will be awarded to each winner and a total of ONE point will be awarded for the aggregate.

     12.3 In the Selwyn Roberts Cup matches, the games shall be 21 up. The result will be calculated on points scored plus handicap.

     12.4 In the event of a tie in the Selwyn Roberts Cup matches, the match will be decided by three players from each team playing again in a game up to 11 points. One fifth of the original handicap shall apply to these matches.

     12.5 Each competing team, in all rounds up to the final, shall pay £10 to the host club for greenage. The League will pay the greenage to the club hosting the final.    

     12.6 All players who are due to play in the semi-final and or final must have played three league games for their team in the current season prior to the semi-final or final.

     12.7 In both the Selwyn Roberts Cup Final and the Divisional Cup Finals all participating players must adhere to the BCGBA dress code of Collared Shirt and Tailored Black Trousers / Tailored Black Shorts

     12.8 The point when Rule 12, Sub section 12.7 comes into force is at the point that the participating player steps onto the green to commence play

     12.9 Penalty for any breach of the above will be a score of 21-0 against the offending player

   12.10 All cup games will be played on neutral greens chosen by the Competition Secretary.

   12.11 It is the responsibility of Team Captains to manage the dress code match rule and not the Management Committee Members present at the final. However, the Management Committee member will have the authority to decide whether the player can play or not.


      13.1 Teams who wish to opt out of the Selwyn Roberts and / or Divisional Cups must advise the Fixture / Competition Secretary in writing by the 31st January  

      13.2 In the event that a team has not opted out and fails to fulfil a fixture (apart from under Match Rule 6 conditions) they must in all cases still pay the £20 green fee to the host club. If they have not contacted the host club or the opposing team, they will also be fined the standard league fine of £25.

      13.3 Matches may be played on an earlier date by mutual agreement. The Fixture Secretary must be notified of this change prior to the match being played.


      14.1 It is the responsibility of all Teams / Individuals to return Cups by the 1st July so they can be presented

              on the Divisional Cup Final nights