Flintshire Midweek Bowling League

Affiliated to: WCGBA & FABA

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Code of Conduct

(October 2019)

Individual Responsibility

All members of affiliated clubs are at all times subject to this Code of Conduct and the associated Disciplinary Procedures.

Members are expected to conduct themselves in ways which display the following:

1. Good standards of behaviour both on and off the green

2. A sporting approach to team colleagues, opponents, officials and spectators

3. Behaviour fitting good ambassadors for the Flintshire Midweek Bowling league, and the game of bowls.

Any member of the affiliated clubs / leagues who fall below these standards, thereby bringing themselves or the FMBL into disrepute shall be subjected to disciplinary action.

Abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

Harassment and Unacceptable Conduct