Flintshire Midweek Bowling League

Affiliated to: WCGBA & FABA

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(December 2024)

1. General Information

2. Objectives

The objective of the League is:

3. Membership

4. Affiliation Fees and Fines

5. Finance

6. Officers

7. Management

8. Annual General Meeting

9. Infringements / Unacceptable Conduct / Appeals.

See FMBL Disciplinary and Appeal Process.

10. Alteration or Additions to Rules.

11. Interpretation of Rules and Omissions

12. Harassment and Unacceptable Conduct

o  of the Flintshire Mid-Week Bowling Leagues (FMBL) Constitution, Match Rules, Byelaws, or Code of Conduct

o or the policy, resolution or determination of the FMBL management and or sub committees.

o Comments or remarks which are gratuitously critical, insulting, humiliating, intimidating, innuendo or spreading malicious gossip.

o Unacceptable conduct includes bullying in any form and or discrimination. These definitions are not exhaustive