Flintshire Midweek Bowling League

Affiliated to: WCGBA & FABA

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1. Name and affiliation

The name of the league shall be FLINTSHIRE MIDWEEK BOWLING LEAGUE hereinafter referred to as the League. The League shall be affiliated to the British Crown Green Bowling Association, the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association and the Flintshire Area Bowling Association.

2. Objectives

The objectives of the League shall be:-

a) To provide an efficient organisation for competitive and social bowling in the area.
b) To spread the knowledge of bowling and generally to promote the interests of the game in the area.

3. Membership

a) Any affiliated Bowling Club within the Flintshire County Boundary shall be eligible to become a member of the League.
b) Any Club or Team desirous of resigning from the league shall do so in writing before the December Annual General Meeting.
c) No Club or Team who has ceased to be a member of the League shall have any rights or interests in the property and funds of the League.All Members shall be bound by the Rules and Bye Laws of the League.

4. Subscriptions

All members shall pay such subscriptions and fees as the Management Committee set and approved at the League’s Annual General Meeting. These Fees MUST BE PAID BY THE LAST DAY IN APRIL. ANY CLUB HAVING NOT PAID THE FEES BY THAT DATE COULD BE SUSPENDED FROM THE LEAGUE UNTIL SUCH FEES ARE RECEIVED.

5. Finance

a) All monies raised by or on behalf of the League shall be applied to further the objectives of the League and for no other purposes. With the exception of any monies raised by the Selwyn Roberts Charity Cup which must be donated to the nominated charity.
b) The Honorary Treasurer shall ensure proper accounts are kept of the funds of the League.
c) The accounts shall be audited at least once a year by the Auditor appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
d) Audited Statements of account shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.
e) All Cheques and money transactions shall be countersigned by at least two officers of the League.

6. Officers

a) The officers of the League shall be:-
Honorary Life Members
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Competition Secretary
Fixtures Secretary
b) The officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting with the exception of the posts of the life members which shall be for life or retirement.
c) If an officer elected at the Annual General Meeting ceases to hold office, either by death or resignation, the Management Committee shall have the power to elect a successor until the next Annual General Meeting of the League.

7. Honorary Life Members and Vice-Presidents

To be eligible for nomination for a Vice Presidency in the League the nominee must have served the league as an authorised club delegate and / or an officer of the League for a minimum continuous (unbroken) period of ten years.

8. General Committee

This shall be a General Committee which shall be the governing body of the League.

It shall consist of nine (9) elected delegates from the teams in membership.

b)Sub- Committee
The Chairman / Secretary to form a sub-committee consisting of not more than nine members and not less than five members to deal any disputes that may arise or any other matters of a minor nature which do not justify the calling of a full General Committee Meeting. Also no more than one person from each Club is to be permitted. (Chairman and Honorary Secretary excepted). The Secretary is to circulate all Clubs and Officials with the composition of such sub-committees as and when they are appointed.

c)The Selwyn Roberts handicapping and draw
This will be done by the Competition Secretary and one other.

9. Annual General Meeting

a) The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held on the first Monday in December each year for the following purposes.
i) To accept and approve the previous year’s accounts.
ii)To receive and adopt the report of the Chairman and Secretary’s Report on the work of the League for the season that as ended.
iii)To accept nominations to membership.
iv)To elect officers of the League in accordance with rule 6.
v)To appoint an auditor.
vi)To transact any other business that may be brought before it.

b) Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given at least twenty one (21) days before the date of the meeting and shall require nominations for officers and other vacancies to be made, in writing, within seven (7) days of notice. If no nominations for a particular office or vacancy is received nominations for that office or vacancy at the meeting shall be valid.

c) Any Team in membership of the League shall be entitled to submit nominations.

d) Where a number of nominations exceed the number of vacancies to be filled, voting shall be by ballot at the meeting. EACH TEAM SHALL BE ENTITLED TO ONE VOTE.

e) Team representation at the Annual General Meeting is mandatory from 2006 and a fine (currently £5) shall be imposed on any Club that does not send a representative per team to Annual General Meetings after this date. All Clubs / Teams are to be reminded of this annually in the Pre – AGM letter sent by the Honorary Secretary to Club Secretaries.

10. Voting at Meetings

At all meetings voting will be by ‘Voting Card’ only and voting is restricted to ONE delegate per team in full membership of the League. The Chairman shall have a second or casting vote to be used in cases where the voting is declared equal.

11. Quorum

The quorum at all Committee Meetings shall be five (5) members.

12. Explusion of Memebers

The General Committee may expel any Club, Team or Player whose conduct shall, in its judgement, be inconsistent with the objects of the League, but before such power shall be exercised seven days notice shall be given to the Club, Team or Player concerned and an opportunity afforded of showing cause before the General Committee why the Club, Team or Player should not be so dealt with. Any Club, Team or Player suspended, would have the right to appeal to the respective governing bodies. Clubs, Teams or Players are to be allowed to carry on playing while such an appeal is being heard. Any appeal must be submitted to the respective governing bodies within seven (7) days of the decision being received. A copy of the appeal is to be submitted to the League Secretary.

13. Interpretation of Rules and Omissions

a) The General Committee shall have the power to interpret these rules if there should be any ambiguity concerning the interpretation of any rule. 
b) The General Committee shall have the power to deal with any matter not provided for in these rules.

14. Alteration of Rules

a) Alterations and additions to the CONSTITUTION shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting and shall require the approval of not less than TWO THIRDS OF THE TOTAL VOTES CAST.
c) Notice of any proposed alterations and/or additions must be submitted, in writing, duly proposed and seconded and delivered to the Honorary Secretary no later than 31st October. Notice of the proposed alterations and/or additions to the CONSTITUTION and/or Rules shall be given to all member Clubs of the League at least twenty one (21) days before the Annual General Meeting.